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George Marshall George Marshall plays concertina, and bodhran. He is also one of Swallowtail's two callers, usually calling for the first half of the dance and leaving the other half to Tim Van Egmond .

George Marshall was introduced to square and contra dancing in the early seventies while working as a summer trail crew volunteer in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He quickly became an avid dancer, seeking out dance venues wherever he could find them. While attending college in Amherst,Mass he founded a contra-dance band, Swallowtail, with some fellow students and began calling and playing for dances. Now a full-time musician/caller/dance teacher, George tours nationally throughout the year with Wild Asparagus. While most of the time he can be found calling/playing with Wild Asparagus or Swallowtail, George also calls occasionally with the Clayfoot Strutters, Nightingale, and the Horseflies. George's specialty is teaching and calling the New England-style contra dances he has collected throughout the country. He is renowned for his knack of matching music to dance and for his smooth, concise teaching and presentation. Also a talented musician, he plays concertina and bodhran and has recorded on eight albums. As a couples-dance teacher, his repertoire includes Lindy/swing, Scandinavian, Cajun and Zydeco. In addition to performing and teaching, George produces music and dance events including a week-long February dance vacation in the Caribbean.

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