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David Cantieni

David Cantieni plays saxophone, flute, bombard, whistle, and feet, along with numerous other wind instruments - including the oboe. He is also a member of the band Wild Asparagus.
David has released a solo CD. go here to order it.

I was born in 1954 in Pennsylvania to two artists. We all, my brother and mother and father and I, lived in a funky converted carriage shed, redesigned by architect Peter Bidler. My parents always told me this so I guess they thought it was important. I remember Sammy Goose who was as big as me, I must have been 2 1/2 years old, he got offed by a fox or something, reduced to a pile of feathers. Then we moved to this duplex house way out in the country, I should have thought that was odd but what did I know? We had the run of all the farmland surrounding the house which was all owned by Bethlehem Steel. The bad part was that my brother and I both hated the local school. Probably that's why I got involved with music. Our mom took us to the local community orchestra where we made our closest childhood friends. I played oboe, my brother, the flute. At this time I had absolutely no interest in the flute. The oboe remained my main interest through my major in music performance at Hampshire College. After college I found myself going to as many contradances as possible, I was obsessed. I was doing a lot of freelance classical music at this time but then I got asked to join this newly named contadance band, Swallowtail. Twenty years later, I'm still playing for the dances and classical music is on the back burner. For a time the oboe was my main dance instrument but then I got hooked on playing the Irish flute. It's been a long road but it keeps on going.

also, David and his wife, Ann Percival, have recently had a baby. welcome, Gus!

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